Google Apps for Business is a popular and trusted productivity suite that has taken the cloud by storm. Google was the first to come up with a broad range of internet bases applications that includes full Google technical support. Products like Google Docs, and Google Drive allow companies to easily create, share, and store files over the internet. G Mail is also a very popular mail application that is included with this suite.



Office 365 is the latest business productivity suite from Microsoft. It is a cloud based service that loads apps like Word, Excel, Publisher, Powerpoint and Access on your PC at a low monthly cost. It is the ideal Microsoft solution for small business because it allows your company to start right out of the gate using the latest products from Microsoft without a considerable upfront cost.


Microsoft Exchange Server Online simplifies your organizations email services. It gives small businesses the same power and simplicity that large corporations enjoy. It is a great solution for businesses that need better control of their company communications, while simplifying email setup, and functionality on a wide variety of  devices including PC’s, laptops, iPads, iPhones, and Androids. Exchange Online also comes with antivirus, antispam and an online version of Outlook. Email archiving is also available for a minimal cost.