The Hard Drive Evolution

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SSD Hard Drives (fixing the speed bottleneck)
SSD Hard Drive Upgrade

If you haven’t upgraded your computer to a new Solid State Drive (SSD), you’re are missing out on one of the most amazing upgrades in computer history. The cost is nominal compared to the jaw dropping speed increase. Sure, memory upgrades help, but I’m talking about making your laptop or PC up 4 times as fast.

Some Umbrellus customers have come into our store in Matthews with a bad hard drive to be repaired and we replaced it with a SSD. They are surprised to find out that their PC is now much faster than it has ever been. The reason is that the SSDs are much faster (Up to 9 times) is that there are no longer moving parts in the drive. Programs are stored digitally on computer chips instead of being stored on a magnetic hard disk. This reduces the speed bottleneck experienced when loading a program or data from your secondary storage (hard drive) to your primary storage (memory) to be run.

The price for these drives cost a little more than the old magnetic drives because of the price of memory but the amount of storage needed for most users is less than 250 GB. I have used a 120 GB SSD for all my email, documents, and applications, while keeping the bulk of my music and photos on a 2 TB inexpensive network drive. Here at our new store in the Village of Wesley Chapel we decided to equip our systems with SSDs to get an advantage on our competition.

120 GB SSD drives cost around $89. We can transfer your hard disk programs and data in its entirety for only $100. Umbrellus can make your computer or laptop load and run programs they way they should – without waiting.

Greg Dinnsen

President of IT Services

Umbrellus, LLC



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