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wordpress-virus-removal-charlotte-ncWordPress Viruses and Virus Removal

Viruses are no laughing matter, they can steal personal data, manipulate files on your computer, slow your computer down, etc. But what happens when a virus hits WordPress? Well, the answer to that is rather simple; they can take down your WordPress site, steal important information from users or the site owners, take down your email, link the user to another site, download malicious software onto the user’s PC without the user realizing, etc.

If you feel that your site has some sort of virus on it, there are a few ways you can tell. One of the ways you can tell is by checking whether or not you have access to your email. If you fail to access your email then the most likely cause of this is that, unless you inputted the wrong username and/or password, someone has managed to obtain access to your email and probably sent out emails nonstop. When this occurs your email is compromised and turned off until the next day, at this point there’s a likely chance that you have to locate and delete a virus. Another method is by checking to see if any unknown ads popup when you go on your site, if this occurs then someone got into your account and added a plugin that causes ads to popup.

If you’re simply looking to just check if you have a virus, and aren’t comfortable doing it on your own then you can let us know and we’ll look into your sites source code, JavaScript, PHP, and your sites files. If we manage to find any lines of code that seem malicious then we will go ahead and remove it for you. Once we’ve gone through all of your code, we’re going to look through all of your sites files for any weird looking folders or files, and if we find anything we will go ahead and delete them as they may be files/folders that a virus decided to put onto your site. If we fail to find any viruses, or if we can’t remove any viruses, then we’ll go ahead and let you know that we couldn’t do it. We will only charge you if we succeed in finding and removing all of the viruses on your WordPress website.

If you feel your site is infected please feel free to contact us for a free diagnostic of your site.

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